Why we’re taking a stand against multiple myeloma

Natasha Cowan|25th March 2019

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At Blue Latitude Health, we have a team dedicated to fighting multiple myeloma every day through their work on a cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment. We are also enormously proud to have developed the UK blood cancer awareness campaign #makebloodcancervisible.

Multiple Myeloma is a rare blood cancer, which causes tumour cells to accumulate in the bone marrow. It often affects several parts of the body, including the spine, skull, pelvis and ribs. Approximately 130,000 patients are diagnosed every year across the globe. However, in the last 30 years the prevalence of the disease has increased.

As a company, we are dedicated to improving both the quality of life and outcomes for these patients. In fact, Multiple Myeloma plays an important part in our heritage.

To demonstrate our continued commitment to combatting this disease, and to mark Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month, we have several engaging events planned at the BLH London office, which promote and distil knowledge across our entire organisation.

First, we’re taking part in interactive virtual reality session designed for everyone in the office to get involved with. This experience immerses the user inside the human body to display how an effective multiple myeloma drug targets and kills tumour cells.

We are then lucky enough to have a team from blood cancer charity Bloodwise UK host a talk about some of the latest innovations in the treatment of this disease, including the emergence of precision medicines and CAR-T therapy. This is an area we are committed to as a company, having joined the Personalized Medicine Coalition in 2018 and by working with a variety of innovative organisations developing cutting-edge oncology therapies.

Following that, Myeloma UK patient ambassador Bob Munroe will come into the office to share his story and give valuable insights into life as a patient.

However, we aren’t stopping there. In April, seven members of BLH staff are taking on the mammoth task of running in the London Marathon in support of Bloodwise UK. The team are running 26 miles to support the blood cancer charity in its mission to fund world-class research and ensure patients are receiving the support they need.

For us, combatting multiple myeloma is personal and we are determined to continue the fight against the disease, whether by working with innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies, by fundraising or by spreading the word across the globe. We believe we all have a role to play in improving the lives of patients battling this disease.

Show your commitment blood cancer patients and demonstrate your support for the BLH marathon team.

Why we’re taking a stand against multiple myeloma

Natasha Cowan|25th March 2019

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