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The new joiner experience at Blue Latitude Health

Eva Van der Borght|16th January 2017

Not only was 2016 a milestone year for Blue Latitude Health, we also hired 21 new employees. How are they getting on at BLH, you ask? There’s no one better to explain how they’ve fared in their new roles than our new joiners themselves. 

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Say hello to our new Creative Services hires!

Blue Latitude Health|14th September 2016

Since our last announcement, we've hired six new faces in the Creative Services team. We're pleased to introduce our newest permanent members of staff!

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Say hello to our new Strategy and CX hires!

Eva Van der Borght|23rd August 2016

Since our last 'New joiner' announcement in April, we've hired six new faces in the Customer Experience and Strategic Consulting teams. We're proud to introduce our newest permanent members!

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Why we need to play hard to work better

Beth Hope|2nd August 2016

From annual parties to pub quizzes and charity fundraisers - we aren't all work and no play here. Talent and Administrative Assistant Beth Hope talks about the social side of Blue Latitude Health. 

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Announcing June's Employee of the Month...

Eva Van der Borght|27th June 2016

Here at Blue Latitude Health, we like to shine a spotlight on our employees and the hard work they deliver. That’s why the Social Committee introduced an ‘Employee of the Month’ award where everyone can send in their nominations.

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Account handling at Blue Latitude Health: the inside scoop

Eva Van der Borght|14th June 2016

We greatly value our talented account teams and the work they deliver. To better explain what they do here, Marketing Assistant Eva Van der Borght talked to a couple of account handlers so they could explain what they enjoy about their job.

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Blue Latitude Health is growing: Projected 43% growth in staff by end of 2016

Blue Latitude Health|17th May 2016

Blue Latitude Health is pleased to announce that, as of the first quarter of 2016, we have grown our teams by 35%. And by the end of the year, we expect to reach 43% growth across the company.

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What makes working at Blue Latitude Health different?

Liz Inskip|20th April 2016

Content Marketing Manager Liz Inskip talked to Senior Consultant Jenna Earl and Account Director Dolan Desai to get their take on what makes working here different. They’ve both worked in other businesses similar to ours, and had a lot to say about the Blue Latitude Health difference.

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Say hello to our newest hires!

Eva Van der Borght|12th April 2016

So far this year, we’ve added seven new faces to the Blue Latitude Health teams. Here, we introduce our newest permanent members of staff.

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The great showdown: Medical writers vs. Copywriters (what’s the difference?)

Liz Inskip|22nd March 2016

At Blue Latitude Health, we have both medical writers and creative copywriters on staff. To better explain why it’s important to have both, and what the difference between the two roles is, Content Marketing Manager Liz Inskip interviewed our writers so they could explain it in their own, well-crafted words.

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