Our Blunicorns to participate in the Memory Walk to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Blue Latitude Health|26th August 2016

On the 3rd of September, Blue Latitude Health’s ‘Blunicorns’ will be participating in a team of four in the Memory Walk to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. Ahead of the big day, we sat down with Dorottya Okros, Ditte Funding, Victoria Morton and Beth Hope to hear a bit more about why they’re joining and how we can help.

Why are you participating in the Memory Walk?


“I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t been affected by Alzheimer’s disease somehow. This is a horrible disease that can take away a person you love whilst they are still with you. Anything I can do to raise awareness and money to help research, families and people affected by Alzheimer’s I will take part in.” - Beth Hope



“The reason I’m joining the Memory Walk has a lot to do with my work at Blue Latitude Health now, and my past experience in pharma. I know that raising awareness and resulting in a raise in funds for these societies are important. It is our responsibility as individuals to help and support others. We might not be billionaires, but we can all do something. It’s not the amount of money you are donating, it is the willingness to help that matters. A small step, or in this case a walk, is not big of an effort for any of us, but can become a part of a bigger, more significant change.

This will not only help to spread the word and educate people about Alzheimer’s disease, but even the smallest donations support the on-going and future research that can be life-changing for so many patients and carers. We can help families and friends by showing our support. It is important for all of those affected by the challenges of Alzheimer’s to feel that they are not alone.” - Dorottya Okros


“I’m participating in the Memory Walk to raise money and support research and development into Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a great way to have a better understanding of how dementia develops and progresses, and to get people aware of it. I hope that fighting dementia now will lead to future generations living without it.” - Victoria Morton 



Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder that has always equally fascinated and terrified me. It’s terrifying because it is the one of the leading causes of death in the United States without a cure, prevention, or way of slowing down the onset. Similarly, development of new therapies and treatments for AD has one of the highest attrition rates in healthcare, with a 99.7% failure rate in clinical trials. With such a large global impact, it is a priority to find a cure or treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disorder, and it fascinates me that even with so much attention and research, it’s still not fully understood. That’s why I am doing the Memory Walk. To raise money and awareness, so that we can move closer to finally finding a cure, method of prevention, or even something that slows the onset.”  - Ditte Funding

Who are you walking in memory of?

“My Grandma had Alzheimer’s disease. Over the years, we started to see her fade away and not always remember who we were. However, there is always some light in these dark moments. My light was my Grandfather, who looked after her until his last breath, and whose love for her never faltered - even when she was not herself, and the disease took hold. His patience, care and selflessness is something I will always remember. They both passed away in 2014 at the ages of 92 and 91 after 66 years of marriage. I walk for both my Grandma and Grandfather.” - Beth




“I will be walking for my Grandad, Bill, who reached the ripe age of 90 this year, and has lived with dementia for 10 years now.” - Victoria



“I am walking for my mother’s best friend and a friend of mine, too. I’ve known her for 16 years now. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago. She has a brilliant mind, working as a graphologist/criminal graphologist in her younger years. Her family supports her and cares for her, but it’s not easy for my mother to see her best friend in such a bad condition and see her slowly fading away. I walk for Patricia.”  - Dorottya



You can help our Blunicorns to hit their £300 target by donating to their JustGiving page. The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia support and research charity, and events like the Memory Walk are vital in funding research and awareness. By sponsoring our Blunicorns, you can help us to raise funds for the breakthrough that is needed.

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