Senior Digital Project Manager

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As a Senior Digital Project manager, Vinlee delivers digital projects with our account handlers, and ensures efficient project delivery every time.

Vinlee is in charge of making sure project deliverables are always of a high standard of quality, using a variety of project management tools and techniques. He enjoys working with clients, breaking down jargon, and keeping them abreast of progress while ensuring that deliverables don’t slip. Working closely with the account handlers, Vinlee also keeps his team on track to deliver against requirements and within budget.

Vinlee brings 14 years of digital experience to Blue Latitude Health. Before joining, he delivered digital projects for clients in the telecoms, automotive, alcoholic beverages, banking, and retail industry (to name a few). Over the years, Vinlee has gained experience with a range of digital collateral from online campaigns, websites, mobile apps, and more recently, an ecommerce website.

When he’s is not at his desk, Vinlee is probably reading tech publications and blogs or playing badminton, tennis, or any digital variant on the PS3. Fluent in four different languages, Vinlee loves to travel to new countries, and keeps in close touch with his friends in India.

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