Senior Associate Consultant


Vasso provides integral support for various projects at Blue Latitude Health.

As a Senior Associate Consultant, Vasso is currently working for a break-through drug in haematology. She works across the brand using her expertise in order to plan processes and design and facilitate client workshops.

Prior to working for Blue Latitude Health, she studied Strategic Communications at Columbia University. After completing her M.S. Degree, she worked in a global strategic marketing internship at Janssen where she assisted the team in organising and hosting a global launch meeting for a new indication of a haematology drug. Vasso was also part of a new creative campaign for the brand.

Vasso is driven by a passion for understanding how people, think, feel and ultimately make decisions. She is interested in what healthcare marketers can learn from other fields and how we can continue to better respond to our customers wants and needs.

She is fluent in both Greek and English. In her spare time she enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, as well as showing her creative side through pottery. She loves to explore new places and hopes to travel to India next year.


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