Senior Associate Consultant


Manos provides integral strategic and project management support across both agency-of-record and discrete consulting projects, driving and conducting the research required to arrive at actionable recommendations for clients.

Since starting in February 2020 as a Senior Associate Consultant, Manos has worked on a competitive strategy workshop for Janssen US as well as supported work with Orion and Roche in an advisory capacity. 

Prior to joining Blue Latitude, his role as a competitive strategist at Deallus saw him work primarily with Roche/Genentech across therapy areas such as oncology, infectious diseases, CNS, haemophilia. Manos helped clients to better understand their competition through landscape monitoring, deep dive and workshop or war gaming projects. He advised clients on the key competitive threats and opportunities at all stages of the product lifecycle and his recommendations often resulted in clients pursuing a new indication; forming an R&D partnership or licensing in a new compound. 

Manos has a background in Biological Sciences and has a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Warwick. He is particularly inspired by the potential of the human body through the development and application of new areas within healthcare such as AI and big data, which are already transforming our lives in both small and larger steps.

Outside of work, Manos can be found travelling, ‘hitting’ the gym, book reading, playing football with his old Warwick or Greek team, and experimenting with new recipes! Manos’ mother tongue is Greek, but he also gets to brush-up his German when visiting friends or family in Austria or Germany. Out of a more recent interest in the financial world, Manos is currently pursuing an online MSc in Finance and Management alongside his role at BLH. 

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