Senior Associate Consultant


Associate Consultant Ling is based in our New York office and is working on the launch and commercial strategy for a new immunotherapy product.

Ling is currently honing her knowledge of cutting-edge immunotherapies, working with a brand-new product, as well as analysing the value proposition for an already existing immunosuppressive drug that is launching into a new indication.

She is also expanding her skills in omnichannel capabilities development and the creation of stakeholder journeys.

Prior to joining Blue Latitude Health, she studied at Brown University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health. Since then, she has worked as a marketing intern for Uncommon Schools where she managed social media and analysed web traffic, and as a student researcher in child and maternal health Brown School of Public Health.

Ling is passionate about working towards solving health inequalities and addressing health disparities to empower disadvantaged and marginalised populations.

She speaks Mandarin, Fuzhou dialect and French. In her spare time, Ling loves to express her creativity through charcoal and pastel portraits, taking photographs, and creative writing.

She also enjoys running, hiking and being active in the great outdoors, as well as trying new foods and learning new cooking skills from her parents who are both chefs.

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