The BLH team reveals their mo'tivation behind their Movember 'taches

Jack Reinsfield|30th November 2018

The month of Movember is wrapping up around the world, and at the BLH office it is no different. A huge thank you to the eight men in the BLH team who got involved with the campaign and did their best to raise money for men’s health, testicular cancer and prostate cancer research, a legendhairy job!

We spoke to each of BLH’s 2018 Mo’bros to find out why they chose to get involved with Movember this year and support men’s health.

Johan: “I don’t usually grow a moustache but made the effort as I wanted to take part. This is a great charitable cause and a simple way to support an excellent foundation”

Jack: “Both of my parents are cancer survivors, and with my father being a testicular cancer survivor I thought it was only fair I joined the BLH Movember team, despite my rather lacklustre moustache growing capabilities!”

Simon: “This is not my first year having done Movember, I think it’s great that something as simple as growing a moustache can garner some fantastic charitable contributions. Well done to the BLH mo’bros!”

Fred: “Movember gives us an opportunity to directly support foundational research in prostate cancer. This is critical in progressing the science that underpins the novel therapies that we help bring to market”

Stuart: “It was actually the thought that, somewhere down the line, I could play even a very minor role in helping to improve lives that attracted me to healthcare in the first place. Supporting Movember is an extension of this ethos – by doing something as trivial as growing a moustache, I am able to support a great cause.”

David: “Having worked in prostate cancer for three years now and having been touched personally by the men’s health issues that Movember is tackling, I felt moved to do anything I could do to further the cause.”

Manoj: “Due to the lesser numbers I decided to support my Mo’bros. Also, any form of cancer has touched everyone in this day and age. This is a very humble attempt from me to kick cancers ass.”

Although the campaign is over, the Movember foundation have received plenty of support to continue their excellent developments and research in prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. A big thank you to all of those who helped supporting us by donating to our Movember page over the course of the month, much appreciated.

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