Raising awareness of heart valve disease across the globe

Blue Latitude Health|27th February 2019

On Friday February 22, Blue Latitude Health joined Carling Communications, one of our partners within The Fishawack Group of Companies, to raise awareness of heart valve disease (HVD).

Boxes of heart-shaped paper art were distributed to five offices across the group. More than 100 employees took the awareness pledge and once signed, the hearts were stuck to a “pledge wall”.

Photographs were shared on social media to encourage the public to join us in our commitment to raising awareness about heart valve disease.

“Heart disease accounts for one in four deaths annually in the US. As many as 11,000 000 Americans have HVD, yet 70% of individuals over 65 know little to nothing about HVD,” said Jackie MacDonald, Carling Account Director. “We are dedicated to raising HVD awareness around the world.”

The goal of Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day is to increase recognition of the specific risks and symptoms, improve detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. Heart valve disease is a potentially disabling and deadly disease, but available treatments can save lives―making education and awareness particularly important.

“By signing their name to a heart, each employee pledges to help bring attention to heart valve disease, so that more individuals can understand the severity of this disease, and how it can affect their loved ones,” said Lacey Christman, Carling Group Creative Director, and one of the key contributors to this social media initiative.

To find out more please contact Ellen Schneider at 609 240 9870 or Sophie Berger at sophie.berger@bluelatitude.com

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