Blue Latitude Health takes on the London Triathlon for Macmillan Cancer Support

Blue Latitude Health|7th August 2015

Blue Latitude Health is a healthcare and pharmaceutical strategic marketing consultancy, and part of our day-to-day work involves working closely with oncology healthcare professionals and patients to understand their experiences. Because we care so deeply about the work Macmillan do, Blue Latitude Health has formed a London Triathlon team that will participate this Saturday, 8th August.

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Joining Blue Latitude Health: What it's like to go from career freelancer to permanent employee

Liz Inskip|3rd August 2015

Peter Timmer is a Senior Customer Experience Consultant at Blue Latitude Health. His focus is on making sure customers can find the information they need easily, and that the content layout is clear and supports customers in the tasks they undertake. He joined Blue Latitude Health as a permanent member of staff in 2014 after 13 years as a freelance consultant across a variety of industries, so he has a unique perspective on what makes it an engaging place to work.

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From Associate to Senior Consultant – what it’s like to work at Blue Latitude Health for 5 years

Liz Inskip|30th June 2015

Craig is a Senior Consultant on the Strategy & Planning team as well as a Development Manager, and he’s celebrating five years with the company this summer. Liz, our Content Marketing Manager, sat down to interview him on what it was like to grow with the company from an Associate Consultant in 2010 to a Senior Consultant today.

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£2010 raised for Cancer Research UK!

Blue Latitude Health|26th June 2015

A great big congratulations to the ladies of Pink Latitude, the Blue Latitude Health Pretty Muddy team. They gave up their Saturday morning lie-in on 13th June to run, crawl, climb, and slide for Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life campaign, raising £2010 in the process.

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A Day in the Life of a Medical Writer

Blue Latitude Health|10th June 2015

We sat down with Sarah to find out more about what a typical day is like for a Medical Writer at Blue Latitude Health.

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Pink Latitude: Getting muddy to raise money for Cancer Research UK

Blue Latitude Health|9th June 2015

At Blue Latitude, we spend a great deal of our time talking to oncology patients and their carers and families to understand their needs. Pretty Muddy is another way for us to support people affected by cancer. It is our great pleasure to raise funds for such a worthy cause that touches our lives every day at work, and for many of us, in our personal lives as well.

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Blue Latitude Health - day in the life - account director - dolan

A Day in the life of an Account Director

Blue Latitude Health|15th May 2015

We sat down with Account Director Dolan Desai to find out more about what a typical day is like for him at Blue Latitude Health.

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A Day in the Life of an Senior Associate Consultant

Blue Latitude Health|5th May 2015

We sat down with Mette Kudahl to find out more about what a typical day is like for an Senior Associate Consultant at Blue Latitude Health.

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Camp Digital 2015: Focus on Customer Experience

Blue Latitude Health|30th April 2015

The sketchnote for Elisa del Galdo’s talk at Camp Digital 2015 in Manchester, as well as our key takeaways from the event as relates to customer experience and pharma.

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Head of Customer Experience Elisa del Galdo to present at Camp Digital conference

Blue Latitude Health|20th April 2015

Blue Latitude Health’s Head of Customer Experience Elisa del Galdo will discuss ‘User Experience and its Influence on Customer Centricity in Pharma’ at Camp Digital’s annual event on Thursday 23rd April in Manchester.

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