Meet Senior Talent Manager Deborah Braud

Natasha Cowan|2nd October 2017

"We are really focused on being flexible and understanding– having these values demonstrated by the Senior Management Team is integral to our culture"

At Blue Latitude Health, we pride ourselves on our unique, inclusive culture. Here, Senior Talent Manager Deborah Braud explains her role in recruiting the top people from across industry, and why our ‘family-like’ values are crucial to our success. 

What’s your role at Blue Latitude Health (BLH)?

I’ve been working at BLH since December 2014. I’m a strategic partner to the business, identifying, attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry. 

Working closely with Management, the Talent Team implement and execute a full direct recruitment and selection strategy, as well as running the general HR function to help drive the business forward. We support teams internally to help them achieve their objectives and grow their skills, while making the work environment fun and friendly. 

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy the recruitment side of my role, as it requires a lot of strategic thinking. For example, how do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? And how do we attract the best people in the most efficient way? 

A lot of thinking goes into our recruitment process, we take our employer brand into account and look at how we can support our teams internally. This means we all have a consistent approach to recruiting, as well as developing our on-boarding process so new starters get the best experience. 

Recruitment as it’s done today is really different to what it was a decade ago and it keeps changing. We need to keep abreast of best practice and new trends – that’s what makes our job exciting. 

What can a new joiner expect their time at BLH to be like? 

We created the Blue Latitude Health Starter Kit for new joiners. It helps them to get up to speed with the BLH values, culture, mission, and vision as quickly as possible.

The PDF document takes employees through the company’s history, values, and ambition. It also talks about our company culture and how we’re organised. It also includes examples of a typical day for the different roles across the company, what to expect on your first day, week and month, and what to expect from the induction process. It’s a comprehensive guide to joining the business, and feedback on the document has been incredibly positive.

New joiners meet with all our board members and have time with our MD and internal staff. This gives them a great opportunity to meet the colleagues they will be working with, learn how processes work, and feel welcomed into BLH life as quickly as possible.

We like to make sure that everyone feels part of the BLH team even if they are only here for a short time. So we have created a one page BLH culture and values sheet, which we send to all new freelancers and display in high-traffic parts of the office.

What makes us different from other consultancies and agencies?

One of our key values at BLH is people first. We always want to make sure that we are giving the right opportunities for development to our current employees. Our Senior Management Team (SMT) always looks internally for people to fill open positions, before we start to recruit externally. This gives staff the opportunity to develop in their careers. 

Aiding this is our flat internal structure. The SMT all have day-to-day roles within the business, are on site, and generally sit within the teams they manage. When deadlines loom, they muck in to get the work done. 

We strongly believe in working smart and doing the right thing. Our SMT lead by example by keeping to our working hours as much as possible and taking time when they need to look after health, personal or family matters. 

At BLH, we are really focused on being flexible and understanding– having these values demonstrated by the SMT is integral to our culture. All of our senior leaders are active on the company’s social Slack channels – from joining impromptu group lunches at local restaurants to sharing funny videos, they’re just part of the team online. 

The culture here is very unique. We’ve got very smart and passionate people that we can learn from in all areas. The team is friendly and welcoming and it’s a ‘family’ atmosphere that you don’t see often.


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