Does our work, work? #Kisses4Wishes 2 months on

Philippa Barratt|8th May 2017

After creative has been created, it can be seen as ‘job done’. A thumbs up from esteemed peers can turn it into a ‘job well done’. And that’s it – success officially achieved.

At Blue Latitude Health, we want to impress our peers, but we want to impress our clients more. That’s why we believe in producing work that works. And that means following up and assessing our creative against real measures of success.

We like to think of it as creative effectiveness.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity to reinvigorate their #Kisses4Wishes brand and showcase it on the Valentine’s Day edition Time Out London. Our strategic goal was to raise greater awareness of the campaign and the charity, to ultimately raise more money for seriously ill children in the UK.

The creative solution

In case you missed it, we landed on a concept we called ‘Share the love’ – putting kisses back at the heart of the #Kisses4Wishes campaign, and building on the need for a bit of positivity.

By inverting the Rays of Sunshine brand colours we created an iconic ‘yellow lips’ device that was instantly recognisable. Behind each kiss was a magical wish that had been granted for a seriously ill child.

It was a simple but powerful way to remind people how a small act of kindness, a small act of love, can go a long way.

Valentine’s Day: where was the creative used?

  • Time Out London cover wrap, distributed all over the city

  • On bucket collections, through kiss sticker giveaways, at Paddington, Warren Street and Kings Cross stations in London – supported by some of our very own Blue Latitude Health staff

  • Across the Rays of Sunshine digital channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, an e-newsletter and their revamped website

Rays of Sunshine did an amazing job, taking our creative idea and rolling it out across different marketing channels, as part of their own fundraising activities.

It was great to see we’d been able to produce something that they could easily adapt and take forward beyond Valentine’s Day. And that’s what we’d wanted; to give them a standout ad, but also a recognisable brand identity – so they could get ongoing value from our partnership. But did the work achieve its original, strategic objective?

The numbers are now in: drum roll please

During the two weeks around Valentine’s Day alone:*

  • >1.5 million #Kisses4Wishes impressions on Twitter
  • 379,778 people reached on Facebook
  • 309,262 branded copies of Time Out distributed across London
  • >6-fold increase in donations from previous year

We also got more coverage for Rays of Sunshine by featuring in Campaign and Creative Pool, as one of their top Valentine’s Day ads.

In conclusion: the work worked

We aimed for awareness; we got it. But, as you can see, we also managed to get this to funnel down into increased donations, surpassing all expectations.

#Kisses4Wishes is now more widely known about, and has a strong brand identity to carry it further forward. And most importantly, help seriously ill children.

Now we can say it’s a ‘job well done’.



Keep an eye out for #Kisses4Wishes activity around the upcoming National and International Kissing Days in June and July – the branding should look familiar.

Thank you again to our partners and friends at Rays of Sunshine.

And if you would like to donate to their cause, please visit their JustGiving page.


*11/02/17 – 20/02/17. Note: the campaign also received £10k and £5k in advertising from Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

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