A new decade and fresh brand identity for Fishawack Health

Blue Latitude Health|3rd February 2020

In November 2018, Blue Latitude Health joined The Fishawack Group of Companies – a full-service, global healthcare communications group, made up of over 800 medical experts, insight professionals, strategic specialists and marketing professionals.

Since the business was set up in 2001, eleven different companies have joined, spanning medical communications, healthcare marketing, and organisational transformation.

Today, science and technology dominate the landscape, and healthcare is more competitive, costly, and complex than it has ever been before. Clients – across medical and commercial functions, communications and healthcare marketing, biotech, and medical devices – need their partners to think and act differently and help them navigate the changes and opportunities in a new healthcare environment.

To be successful, we must break down silos, question status quos, be disruptive, agile and build customer-centred solutions. Most importantly, we need to do it together.

Fishawack Health – a fresh brand identity

2020 heralds a new era for the group. To reflect the changes in both the market and customers’ needs our parent company has changed its company name to Fishawack Health. Along with the new name comes a fresh brand identity and a distinctive, bold icon – the Fishawack Wolf.

The ‘howling wolf mark’ represents the belief that we are stronger together as a single pack. As a unified group composed of every company and employee within the organisation, we can achieve greater things for our clients and their stakeholders through collaboration.

Just like us, wolves are strong as individuals but thrive as a pack. They are distinctive, bold, loyal, and fearless.

Collaborating to solve complex healthcare challenges

Together the group has evolved to become so much more than its original purpose. Fishawack Health is now an independent, global communications healthcare agency and consultancy with a full range of capabilities, with three key areas of expertise:

• Fishawack Consulting

• Fishawack Medical

• Fishawack Creative

Blue Latitude Health has always worked end-to-end, delivering commercial and marketing strategy through to execution. Our offering straddles both the Fishawack Consulting and Fishawack Creative offering. As a company we can either work independently or offer the full scale and scope of the group, building integrated, multidisciplined teams to meet all our clients’ needs. This allows us to be even more flexible and seamlessly bring together experts who can solve highly scientific problems or take on the biggest commercial challenges.

We partner with our clients to provide market and customer insights, analysis, and recommendations, helping them make the pivotal decisions that define the complex journey from laboratory asset to commercial success.

"As a group we now have we have even greater access to scientific, insight, strategic, creative, and technological experts who can collectively work together, across disciplines and functions, to bring change and improve patient outcomes"

We translate these recommendations into meaningful stories, developing services, assets, and creative campaigns that rationally and emotionally meet stakeholders’ needs by driving action and improving health outcomes.

Together we are fearless, exploring new territories and concepts that change established practices and behaviours, drive new customer choices, and deliver business success.

‘Fishawack Health is one of the new generation of leaders in healthcare communications,’ said CEO Oliver Dennis.‘With more than 800 employees worldwide, we offer the capabilities, scale, and geographical coverage to offer healthcare brands a fresh, new type of partnership value.’

Blue Latitude Health’s Founder and Head of Strategy Fred Bassett adds: ‘As a group we now have we have even greater access to scientific, insight, strategic, creative, and technological experts who can collectively work together, across disciplines and functions, to bring change and improve patient outcomes.'

If you would like to find out more about Fishawack Health and our role in the group, contact simon.young@bluelatitude.com

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