A look back at the #makebloodcancervisible campaign

Jack Reinsfield|6th November 2018

In September, as part of blood cancer awareness month, Blue Latitude Health created an interactive installation which travelled across the UK – from London to Edinburgh – to make blood cancer visible.

Despite being the third biggest cancer killer in the UK and claiming more lives than breast or prostate cancer, blood cancer seldom gets the media or political attention that it deserves. 

The campaign involved nine different statues, and travelled 601 miles across the United Kingdom. Each statue played a different, insightful recording of a real patients experience with blood cancer, with each story representing a unique type of blood cancer and a corresponding patient advocacy group.

The installation captured the attention of the members of the general public who were touched by the patient stories, took pictures and joined the conversation on Social media using #makebloodcancervisible.

More than 34 million people were reached via social media and there was blanket national and regional media coverage too. The story was covered by BBC Wales and STV and more than 13,000 people pledged their support via the red button.

Through the installation, and the supporting media coverage, we believe we have gone some way in making the unheard, heard; the unseen, seen and making blood cancer visible.  

Below, we take a look at some of the best photos from each stop of the tour:

London 4th - 8th September

First stop of the tour London at the Westfield in Stratford City - right in the heart of Chestnut plaza.

Cardiff 10th - 15th September

Next stop Cardiff, In the middle of  busy Working street.

Manchester 17th - 22nd September 

On to Manchester – the statues were in a prime location at Picadilly Gardens.


Edinburgh 24th - 29th September

Finally, the statues finished their tour with a stunning backdrop in Edinburgh, in the beautiful Waverly Mall. 




To find out more about our experience with creative disease awareness campaigns, email us at hello@bluelatitude.com




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