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Our 'Perspective' magazine brings you an in-depth look at the healthcare industry. We examine cutting-edge topics and delve out practical tools and advice, which will help you drive your products and services forward.

Our unique vision combines voices from across our four capabilities; Insight, Customer Experience, Creative and Strategy and unites their expertise with exclusive views from key opinion leaders and industry authorities. From the latest innovations to top tips for your brand, we've got you covered.

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APRIL 2020

Perspective: the patient edition

In this issue of Perspective magazine, we explore how the industry can place a greater emphasis on patient-centricity, and how pharmaceutical companies are working with patients across the product lifecycle to develop therapies that better serve their unmet needs.


Launch excellence 2020

In this special pack, we provide a comprehensive outlook of launch excellence. We cover topics ranging from gathering effective insights, to understanding the current landscape, and the importance of pre-launch strategy for improving relationships between the customer and the brand.

SEP 2019

Customer experience: shaping digital healthcare

In this issue of ‘Perspective’ we speak with industry experts to learn about the world of digital healthcare, and how pharma is beginning to utilise these modern technologies to enhance treatment and improve patient and stakeholder outcomes.

MAY 2019

Precision medicine from concept to clinic

In our latest edition of ‘Perspective’ magazine, we examine the challenges and opportunities for several stakeholders impacted by the dawn of precision medicine.

DEC 2018

Report: Achieving launch excellence in the challenging healthcare markets of today

Our white paper gives you exclusive insights, tools and tips for achieving launch excellence in complex markets. We surveyed your peers and spoke to industry leaders to give you comprehensive guidance on how to achieve launch success, from re-focusing your brand planning to transforming the operating model.

MAY 2018

Precision medicine starts here

It is the dawn of the precision medicine era but are we ready for it? Our in-house precision medicine experts explore the commercial opportunities precision medicine brings, as well as the challenges and the steps industry should take to overcome them.

MARCH 2018

The power of insight

Understanding your customer, their needs and drivers is the key to creating a successful brand, product or service. Our insight and CX team gives you practical tools and tips that you can take away and use today.


Biotech leaders

In this bumper edition of 'Perspective' we interview seven biotech leaders to find out how they are commercialising precision medicine products despite the market access challenges.


More Perspective releases

MAY 2017

Creative Excellence

Producing creative work that stands out is tought but producing work that delivers is imperative. Our Creative team explores what it means to create work that really works in the healthcare sector.

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January 2017

Healthcare trends in 2017

A deep dive on the evolving role of the expert in healthcare and what this profound change means for the industry.

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May 2016

Special immunotherapy in oncology supplement

At the time of going to press, Blue Latitude Health had worked on four of the eight immunotherapies approved by the FDA. Here, we pool our knowledge to unpack the growing buzz around the growing innovations in immuno-oncology.

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April 2016

Insight for a strategy that delivers

Our Insight and CX teams take over this month and delve into the best ways to engage your customers and drive patient-centricity.

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March 2016

Special procurement supplement

In this special supplement, we address the complex challenges faced by procurement teams and explore common issues face by brand teams in the complex healthcare environment.

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January 2016

Healthcare trends in 2016

In the first ever edition of 'Perspective' we identify the top trends for 2016, to show you how to move beyond the patient journey and overcome challenges around healthcare disruption.

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